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The Great Pond

The Great Pond is the biggest lake in Crossroads. It is also said that it is not a safe place for outsiders.

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Open Plains

This open plain allows the player to explore the terrain. Some say a train comes through every now and then..

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A New Journey

With every move you make, the game changes with you. This allows for a better experience..for YOU!

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Click here for more info on how you can donate and support the development of Crossroads. The development of Crossroads is going to take quite a bit of money, which is where you come in! Check out all of the incredible items you can receive..just for donating!

What exactly is Crossroads?

Crossroads is a 3D immersive experience that forces you to plan out every move. An uknown militia has invaded the United States and they are targeting you. As they are tracking you down, you must evade them every step of the way, but at the same time learn more about them. You must survive..or die trying.

What else do we do?

Critical Code is a multi-versed groups of people. Mack Savala, the Lead Game Director, also does computer repair. If you have any computer issues, check out the Contact tab for a simple and cheap fix!

Dev Update

Development will take time, but this is going to be a great experience for everyone who plays. I am looking forward to the end result!

— Mack Savala, Lead Game Director

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