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I'm Andrew Christensen, the owner of Critical Code. I don't just build websites. I build interactive, interesting and complex systems for clients big and small. We specialize in web and mobile applications for nearly any use.


I'm no pretty face. Clearly. But I am a good guy. My clients enjoy my work ethic and dedication.

  • Full name: Andrew Christensen
  • Birth Date: May 26, 1974
  • Job: Freelancer, Web Application Developer
  • Website: www.critical-code.com
  • Email: andrew@critical-code.com


I have a very strong work ethic and strive to provide excellent service for my clients.

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My Work Life.

I've worked for some really great clients... and some "ok" clients.
Goes with the territory I guess.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

January 2022 - December 2022


I joined Erank.com fresh out of the end of my Etsy contract. Erank provides top of the line tools for Etsy shop sellers to help improve their listing rankings on Etsy by doing analysis of the Etsy marketplace of products. Erank provides sellers the ability to view their competition's listings in a single, easy to understand interface. Sellers can see how well their own listings are performing compared to their competitors and use information gathered from other sellers to make impactful changes to their own listings. Erank also can suggest changes to listing tags, titles and descriptions using AI tools. When I started, my first responsibility was to help Erank transition to the new version of the Etsy API that I helped author. I'm also tasked with refactoring the Erank application in a more modern and efficient framework that will provide the Erank users with a much more enjoyable and effective tool.

Senior Software Engineer

May 2021 - December 2022


Everyone knows what Etsy is. I was hired by Etsy to work on the Integrations team to help build their V3 OpenAPI for 3rd party developers. When I joined the project had been under development for about a year and my role was to take over the efforts from another developer that went on parental leave. In this role I learned a great deal about massive enterprise systems, including continuous integration testing. I've even had the opportunity to work with Rasmus Lerdorf, the co-author of PHP. Etsy elected to extend my contract 3 times during my 20 months with them, showing confidence and satisfaction in my work.

CEO & Developer

September 2012 - October 2021

Tildeworks, LLC

Tildeworks was founded to create a customized content management system for digital agencies, enterprise organizations and restaurants. The Tildeworks platform is still in use by several clients, though is not in active development. Our clients include GlobalCastMD, a global leader in medical education broadcasting via video and audio, and the Cohn Restaurant Group, a family run restaurant company with 20+ locations, each with it's own unique site design.

Lead Developer

March 2012 - April 2012


GlobalcastMD is a technology leader in medical education, primarily in Pediatric Surgery. GlobalcastMD started with a simple goal to provide on-going information and education for pediatric surgeons. Their business has grown substantially over the past several years, with me creating a critical online conference tool for organizations and hospitals to take their formerly in-person conferences and host them online. GlobalcastMD also now has launched a new mobile app for disseminating medical knowledge from many sources in a single, easy-to-use application that allows for other medical professionals to communicate with each other. My part in this was to direct the mobile application developer (my son - very proud papa here) and build the back-end architecture, including a RESTful API.

Lead Developer

October 2015 - December 2020

Drive My Way, Inc

The Drive My Way application compares driver preferences and attributes to trucking employer preferences and job attributes to provide a calculated match. It's like a dating service for truck drivers and trucking companies. I was recruited by Drive My Way to take over development of their Laravel PHP based system. Initial responsibilities were to simply provide basic updates, but quickly evolved into heavy development of new features and redevelopment of many of the applications core systems.

Contract Developer

May 2016 - Present

Clarity Health, Inc

Custom Health Guide is an entire interactive application that allows users to generate a customized guide to follow covering nutrition, exercise and reading materials regarding specific health conditions they choose, followed by an online store to purchase supplements. The store is programmed to provide scheduled reminders to re-order, follow up information to consult with a doctor as well as recipes that include ingredients that provide benefits to their given health conditions.

Sole Developer

August 2015 - April 2021

Electronic Vet, Inc

Electronic Vet is an application for horse owners, trainers and farms to database their horses, and then invite their vets to participate. The vets then can enter the horse's vaccination records. Horse owners then have a digital vaccination record they can print or access on their mobile device to provide to exhibition and competition shows. Initially I took over development of a poorly built system and nursed it along until we were able to launch a complete rebuild of the application using Laravel to stabilize the system and allow future expansion.

Primary Developer

May 2015 - April 2017


Symplur is a health care social media analytics system. They take social media firehose and monitor it for thousands of specific keywords, users and hashtags, storing appropriate data by the millions of records. The system then provides clients with powerful tools to analyze that data for various research means. As the primary developer, I came into the company to continue the main development of the system, including the front-end graphs, back-end database queries and interface components. Other opportunities came along, allowing me to move on from this position.

Senior Developer

July 2014 - May 2015

Profits 4 Purpose

Profits 4 Purpose is a company that endeavors to provide companies and organizations with the ability to engage their employees in community-based activities and charitable giving. The application was initially built on Code Igniter and as a team, we rebuilt many of it's more critical components in Laravel. During my time there, we successfully launched large campaigns with major companies such as Blue Cross of Massachusetts, Abbott, GoPro and Hyatt. It was a great experience working with the company.


Bachelor of Science

December 1996

Western Washington University

During my time at WWU, I worked for the Art department in the wood and metal labs as well as worked for the food service (operated by Marriott). I volunteered in the Engineering Department and graduated with a degree in Industrial Technology.


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All of the clients listed here are wonderful clients and each one of them will speak well of the work I've done and continue to do for them.


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Other than this site you are on, I do no advertising. All my client work comes through referral from my wonderful clients.


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I have spent more hours fixing someone else's work than I have on building new products for the first time. Don't make the mistake of using an outsourced, overseas developer to save money. You'll end up paying more in the long run to pay someone like me to fix it. Please contact me now to avoid the wasted time and money.

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